Cost Gap HS2 and Contractors

Final Cost of HS2 is a Mystery

Following on from the concerns that the HS2 project could be changed, the former chairman has said that something is going to have to give in terms of the time, scope and the cost. Sir Terry Morgan said yesterday that the HS2 Project team might have to alter their number of trains that use the route or even the speed.

When it comes to the final cost, it seems as though nobody actually knows what that might be and that has lead to further concerns regarding the budget. Therefore, it is looking likely that the HS2 team will be faced with the challenge of dealing with a number of aspects of the project such as the time, cost and scope.

These comments are not going to allay concerns that the cost of the project could result in fewer trains running at lower speeds in order to remain in budget. It has become clear that the current management team is still following the original scope of the project where 18 trains will run each hour at a top speed of 250mph although this could change.

The blend of frequency and speed forms part of the government specification but there is no doubt that both will become a consideration over time when the project begins looking at the numbers in finer detail. Out of the scope, cost and time, something has to give and it could mean that people have to be more flexible about the reality of the project. Is there a need for speed, value for money or the number of trains per hour?

It has also become apparent that most people regret calling the project High- Speed, despite the project being commission to create capacity but there is no denying that connectivity is a huge factor in the entire project. When you consider that the journey from the Midlands to the north is a dire one and so, the implementation of the HS2 project will change that from more than two hours to 40 minutes. Therefore, it could be an indication that connectivity is more important for HS2.


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