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At MECX we strive to provide a safe, responsible, efficient and healthy work environment to the benefit of our sub-contractors, employees, stakeholders and our clients.


At MECX our aim is to ensure that we deliver our health & safety proceedures in a consistent manner & in an open culture which ensures and safeguards the effectiveness and success of the business going forward.

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All our employees operate road vehicles in a safe, efficient and effective manner and we ensure a continuous improvement in occupational road safety by minimising road vehicle related risks to our employees and to others who may be affected by our operations through practical solutions.

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We believe that simply complying with legislation is not nearly enough. At Mecx our aim is to go further by visibly leading at the forefront on health and safety best practice. Our business is committed to preventing accidents, whilst at the same time continuously improving the management of the health & safety of our employees and our subcontractors.

Business Assurance Policies

Our Integrated Management System

MECX Group is currently certificated to the following:

In order for MECX Group to maintain the level required to achieve certification, we have implemented a high-level integrated management system that controls the entire Group operations. MECX Group as a business is heavily focused on continual improvement and follows the methodology of the diagram below.

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We continually make sure our business adopts this process loop in order for us to maintain a world class Management System under the umbrella of Pas 99 so we can continually improve and evolve to the business needs.

Our focus is perfection so that is why we have invested a great deal of time and effort in the standards that will take us forward into the future so we can support our customer’s needs.

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