HS2 Could Be Scrapped if Boris Johnson Becomes PM

The HS2 project is already in motion. Over 2,000 businesses have been involved and the project has over 7,000 workers but still, it could all come to an end if Boris Johnson becomes PM.

The treasury is already looking at ways in which the project could be delivered within the budget of £56 billion and this could be a clear indication that the project could change considerably.

The news has been welcomed by those who are living in West London, especially after they have had to put up with a lot of disruption on their doorstep. Therefore, they will be pleased should the project be scrapped, making way for homes to built on the land instead.

The reports that relate to delivering the project within the budget will be presented to the winner of the Conservative leadership contest. That person will be the one to make the decision on the future of the project. As Boris Johnson is the firm favourite to become PM, he could be the man to put an end to it all, particularly as he has been a vocal opponent of it. He has made it clear that he would prefer a trans-Pennine rail link although it has become apparent that he never did vote for high-speed rail.

Despite this, there are still those who would plan to move forward with the project. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has continued to back the project, while the home secretary Sajid Javid has also committed to delivering HS2.

In contrast to this, there are other Prime Ministerial hopefuls who are not so optimistic when it comes to the project. Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary has raised his concerns about the project from an environmental aspect. Dominic Raab, the former Brexit Secretary has shown his support in the past, however, a leaked manifesto report indicates that his support has changed somewhat. He is now apparently seeking ways in which costs can be cut from the project.

Finally, Esther McVey, and her constituency in Tatton, Cheshire will be affected by HS2 and so, she has indicated that a rethink might be required. She has put her views across, indicating that the people of the North would benefit from a fast rail link that connects all cities in the North along with improved local transport. However, the HS2 and its spiralling costs are not what the public is looking for.


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