MECX Complete Multiple Bridge Renewal Projects Despite Coronavirus

Despite the coronavirus epidemic the MECX signalling team managed to complete a rapid turnaround of a 16 day multiple bridge renewal project on behalf of Network Rail.  Whilst facing enormous engineering and technical difficulties and being surrounded by the chaos being driven by the coronavirus epidemic, the team found themselves right in the heart of this current pandemic. Whilst the Government continued to engage in the swift lockdown of the UK, our signalling team were faced with being evicted from hotels, with only an hours notice, as hotels, pubs, restaurants and certain shops were being told to closed.  Despite all the challenges thrown at the team whilst working to a strict deadline everyone managed to dig deep whilst being inventive & securing food locally through various sources.  Even when en-route to the various project sites the team fully cooperated with the police when they were being challenged during this national lockdown period.

The successful completion of the planned works, on time and to full scope, is nothing but a reflection of the driven dedication and capability of MECX Signalling Staff, making this happen despite all odds. Despite the pandemonium our team persevered right through to the very end of the programme.  And in conjunction with all the other contractors on site, a huge team effort & outstanding volumes of work were delivered in just 16 days.  The speed of such will most probably never been seen again in living history.

Professional Head of Signalling, Oryst Magdij, explains “there is no other company in the UK like MECX Signalling.  We are honoured to be employing a quality signalling team, with true grit and the determination to deliver projects whatever the odds being faced against them.”


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