MECX UAS Support Bat Conservation At Chester Zoo

MECX UAS Specialist Projects Team were called upon by Chester Zoo to help them with a bat research and conservation program.  Indeed MECX Group is an avid Corporate Sponsor of Chester Zoo and love to support ecological & environmental projects such as this.  Our projects team were also asked to provide their expertise in vegetation management, tree risk surveys, & putting up 130 bat boxes into various trees across Chester Zoo’s 125 acre estate.

The Zoo is a biodiversity hotspot and a haven for wildlife and studies have never officially been undertaken into the zoo’s current bat population.  Working closely with UK Wildlife and the Zoo’s conservation team the MECX UAS Arborist teams put up numerous bat boxes across the Zoo’s estate into trees which had been identified as potential bat breeding spots.  The bat boxes used were purchased from a specialist supplier in Germany and weighed anything from 5kg to 22.5kg, being made out of concrete and wood which was not treated with any preservatives.  Our teams placed up to 3 boxes into each tree ensuring that there was a clear flight path & all the boxes were facing in different directions – such as south-east, south-west and north.  This would then give any maternity roosting bats the best chance of success.

Bats are the least understood mammal in the UK when it comes to data- the 2018 mammal review says “population status unknown, range status unknown and habitat status unknown” for many bat species. What we do know however, is that their habitat is in decline especially for those which rely on ancient woodland and pasture grassland. It is anticipated bat numbers of some species are declining along with their habitat.  This is Why MECX UAS are proud to sponsor and assist in this vital Wild Life Research Program. 



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