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Network Rail Makes Changes to Drive Passenger Satisfaction

Big changes have been announced at Network Rail as it seeks new and innovative ways of delivering a customer-focused approach. The changes involve the introduction of five new regional Managing Directors, all of which will play a key role in enhancing the entire experience for passengers.

The Chief Executive, Andrew Haines has made it clear that these changes and the current evolution of Network Rail is to deliver the very best service possible. These major changes also stand for freight users and so, Network Rail aims to deliver the promises that it has made over the past fives years while also enhancing that they work together as an industry.

The company is being devolved into 13 routes, all of which will be supported by five regions which is where the new Managing Directors will play a part. They will help to create and drive focus on what really matters to customers which is to deliver a railway that is punctual, reliable and efficient.

The new roles being introduced at Network Rail are:

  • Alex Hynes, Managing Director, Scotland’s Railway
  • John Halsall, Managing Director, Southern
  • Mark Langman, Managing Director, Wales and Western
  • Rob McIntosh, Managing Director, Eastern
  • Tim Shoveller, Managing Director, North West and Central

There is no denying that these are very important roles that come with a huge amount of responsibility with the aim of delivering on every level whereby the passengers and freight users become the sole focus of Network Rail. This deep devolution is vital to any future successes and it provides the company with the tools, the authority and the ability to deliver for funders, customers and passengers.

It will help to introduce efficient decision-making processes and will enable them to work closely with operators. The decisions that will be made will be done with a level of insight where the consequences are acknowledged, and that is where these new roles help to achieve this.

The new roles will begin on the 24thof June, while their organisations and their structures are still being designed although the new Managing Directors will be involved in this process.


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