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Network Rail Reorganisation to Improve Performance

A recent announcement has revealed that a significant structural reorganisation will take place as part of a plan by Network Rail to increase responsibilities on a regional basis in order to enhance performance levels.

There will be a total of 13 new routes created by the operator and this will be spread across five new regions and that will lead to a more streamlined alignment with franchises. From its headquarters, Network Rail will pass the work onto the new regions in order to help enhance efficiency. The new regions will cover Scotland, Wales &Western, London North Western, Southern (which will be made up Wessex and South East) and Eastern ( consisting of LNE & EM and Anglia).

As part of the changes, within each region, a route director will be put in place to oversee the changes and the implementation of the new routes.

However, the operator has announced that the plans come after a review by the Chief Executive Andre Haines and they will have to put through a consultation before they are given the go ahead.

On a regional level and as part of the plans there are areas that will be devolved including infrastructure along with elements of system operations, safety technical & engineering as well as group digital railway.

Andrew Haines, Chief Executive has made it explicitly clear that there is a need for significant change because performance is not where it should be. Following in-depth discussions with partners, passengers and politicians located around the country, it has highlighted those areas where things are done well and those areas where improvements have to be made.

In order for National Rail to deliver a service that is appreciated by passengers but also works for the business, the devolution is going to have to go deeper than just the surface as this will enable them to form closer relationships with partners and customers. The announcement clearly indicates that National Rail is doing all it can to make moves in the right direction.




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