New Advert From Avanti West Coast

Avanti West Coast, the service that connects London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow has released a new advert as a way of showcasing what the service is all about. Its a fabulous advert which really demonstrates the heart and soul that the company puts into service delivery. You can see the video here

For too long, our train services have suffered from poor performance and a low level of customer service but Avanti wants to change the public perception through this new advert.

The advert has been cleverly created, showing how people can get together from all walks of life to create a human train, delivering people to where they need to get to. The advert aims to show just how the service is made for everyone and what really lies at the heart of it all – the people.

Creating those special moments underpins the very service and that can be felt throughout the entire advert. The countryside forms the backdrop, conjuring up images of hurtling through the fields and trees on a train, regardless of whether you are travelling up the country or simply heading home. The advert captures the very essence of how the service wants to be seen – as a service that is created by its passengers.

The advert called on hundreds of people as well as animals to showcase the service and send across a message of what the service is all about. At the heart and soul of all that it does is the need to deliver passenger satisfaction and reliability, so no matter where you need to be, Avanti West Coast will get you there.

The slogan “Let’s Get Together” comes across as a heartfelt message from the service and one that leaves us feeling as though a change is coming. There is no doubt that train services around the country have suffered in previous years but this advert could be a signal that things are changing for the better.

Putting money into an advert that shows people getting on at different stages of the human train, some of which are working, some who are with loved ones and some who are travelling to events is a great way of reaching out to a wider audience.

As far as adverts go, this is one that really does resonate with viewers, showing how a connected rail service can bring the country and its people together.


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