New Report Suggests That HS2 is Out of Control

There is no denying that HS2 has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. However, it still looks as though things are heading in the wrong direction according to a new report which suggests that the money should be spent upgrading existing routes and building new rail links.

The Adam Smith Institute is a Think Tank that is suggesting that timetables should be overhauled while tracks should be doubled. Along with this, it believes that closed rail lines should be re-opened ultimately suggesting that there are solutions available to increase capacity and improve journey times at a fraction of the cost of HS2.

Last week, claims were made that the HS2 route between Birmingham and Leeds could be scrapped as way of reducing the costs. However, this latest report suggests that HS2 could be seen to be a significant black hole for taxpayers.

Therefore, it is calling for new sections of conventional high-speed lines to be built between the mainlines as well as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham while also upgrading train facilities.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also launched a review of whether to scrap HS2 and that is due to be completed this autumn. The review is being led by Douglas Oakervee who was a former chairman of HS2 Ltd.

As it currently stands, figures that have been compiled by HS2 have highlighted that there could be a delay of as much as seven years on the delivery of the project while it could tun £26 billion over budget, bringing the total cost to £88 billion.

As it currently stands, HS2 has become one of the largest projects of our generation but it is one that has spiralled out of control. The UK is in desperate need of a better rail infrastructure but it is looking as though HS2 is not the solution that the UK is looking for.

It is a project that has been over-engineered, ideologically driven and will not deal with the problems that travellers are facing on a regular basis. Therefore, reports such as this suggest that HS2 is a doomed project and that now is the time to start focusing on cost-effective solutions that can help to create a railway network that is future proof.

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