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In February 2017,  as part of the facilities management framework contract that MECX have with Jaguar Land Rover, MECX were required to remove the concrete turning circle pad to access work rails at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham.

The project involved removing the rails throughout the area, healing entry points and installing new flat bottom rails.  MECX were also required to weld the track thoughout the concrete pad area and install a new pad.

2017-02-10 11.20.53
2017-02-10 16.08.15
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Client :                 Jaguar Land Rover

Location :           Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

Finished On :     12th February 2017 

Value :                   < £250,000

Remarks :            MECX team were required to work on two proactive projects in order to maintain the Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich Railhead which included renewal of GRN 4452 nylon insulators & seasonal plate oiling and joint servicing.

As a result of the monthly track inspection the Mecx inspector raised two proactive projects to maintain the extremely high standards found on the Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich Railhead for consideration by the Jaguar management team. These were as follows:

Renewal of GRN 4452 nylon insulators

It had been noted that the GRN 4452 insulators located along the two roads from the buffer stops to concrete pad had over a considerable time bleached from the normal blue to a greyish white. The units were located between the rail foot and housing to maintain gauge and act as a buffer to reduce stress on the rail clips which could snap if the insulators were not present. These insulators had become brittle and increasingly liable to breaking so it was advised that they be replaced. Over a period of 4 days the 3 man dedicated track team renewed approximately 3,000 units.

Seasonal plate oiling and joint servicing

It is an accustomed practice for joints to be serviced over late winter in order to prepare for the warmer climes ahead. This is undertaken to allow for track expansion and contraction during warm weather and therefore allow for the 6mm joint gaps to close and open reducing the potential for track buckle. The basic process to achieve this plate oiling is to run off the fishplate bolts and free the fishplate from the rail web. The fishing surface is then lubricated with specialist rail lubricant. The dedicated 3 man Mecx track team went one step further and completely removed the plates in order to check their condition and renew the bolts and any worn plates as required.

Work completed despite testing weather conditions

It should be noted that the team worked around the busy rail schedule at the plant and did at times work into the night to get the work completed in extremely testing weather conditions with wind chill factors of -10 and snow.

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