Project Detail

During the Autumn of 2017, MECX undertook the removal of a temporary Sectional Insulator (SI) on Manchester’s Metrolink system for TfGM.

This piece of equipment was in a critical position in Piccadilly Gardens where routes converged and carried with it certain risks and had the job not gone as well as it did would have affected services on several levels.

Manchester Victoria Signalling
Manchester Victoria Signalling
Manchester Victoria Signalling

Client :                 Transport for Greater Manchester

Location :           Piccadilly Manchester

Finished On :     23rd October 17

Value :                   Undisclosed

Remarks :           Our team successfully removed a temporary Sectional Insulator on a key part of Manchester’s Metrolink System for TfGM.

Mecx Capabilities 

MECX had been awarded the task because of our ability to cover all competencies on Metrolink from trackmen to protection staff due to our dedication to training on the system.

Works were undertaken in a short five-hour possession. Once possession was in place, MECX isolation staff isolated the section and the permit to work was then issued. Our SPIC (senior person in charge) having set up a safe system and briefed all staff gave the go ahead to start the job.

MECX Linesmen removed the SI following standards to ensure tension and alignment were correct and recording Heights and Staggers as well as Tension, pre- and post-works.

Whilst they were taking steps to insert plain contact wire, the rest of the staff removed all steel work and concrete base blocks.

Works Completed Early

Materials used for levelling off the blocks was bagged up and removed from site.

Blockwork paving was then washed and cleaned and left safe for pedestrians in one of the busiest parts of Manchester.

Despite possessions on the system being so short, works were completed with an hour and a half to spare.

MECX were commended by TfGM for the standard and quality of both the works and our staff.

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