Project Detail

The project required prep works to allow future installation of overhead lines, which required the track to be lowered at platforms one, two, three and four, located under the Cheetham Hill Road bridge at Manchester’s Victoria Station. The confined space overhead caused by the road bridge meant that 400m of track had to be lowered by as much as 172mm.

MECX’s role was to remove or divert all signalling equipment so that Story Contracting could lower the track to facilitate the installation of the overhead lines.

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Manchester Victoria Signalling

Client :                 Story Contracting

Location :           Manchester Victoria Station

Finished On :     30/12/2016

Value :                  Undisclosed

Remarks :           Major prep works to allow future installation of overhead lines, which required the track to be lowered at platforms 1,2,3 and 4. 

Nine days

The entire scheme had to be delivered during a nine-day shut down over the post-Christmas and New Year period, with time critical deadlines for delivery of each element of the scheme to ensure that the entire project remained on programme. Meticulous planning was crucial and MECX worked closely with Story Contracting from the outset to ensure that the fast-track programme would run smoothly.

Oryst Magdij, Professional Head of Signalling at MECX said: “The team from Story Contracting briefed us on what was required and we did site walk outs at Victoria Station to ensure that we fully understood the brief in context and the scope of works.

“We then deployed the right mix of skilled staff with suitable competency, ensuring that they were available to work over the New Year period and drew up detailed staging plans and test schedules aligned to Story’s own scheduling.”

Collaborative Approach

All signalling equipment had to be removed and stored safely at the station during the track lowering works, including two sets of points, which had to be disconnected and re-installed once the lowered track was in place.

Oryst continues: “Managing all of that within a nine-day period offered no margin for error and involved a one-team approach from all the contractors involved.  We also had to ensure that sufficient time was built into the programme to enable thorough testing of all signalling equipment before the lines were re-opened.”

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