Virgin Trains Says Goodbye

Virgin Trains is saying goodbye after spending 22 years of moving people around the country. However, in typical Virgin Trains style, the company has released a spoof music video known as the “Final Whistle” and it is set to the Dirty Dancing Track, ‘I’ve Had the Time of my Life”.

What’s more, Richard Branson also adds to the humour as he features in the video which includes famous faces from 1997, when the franchise started, as well as famous faces from 2019.

The entire advert has been created in a tongue-in-cheek style with the advert opening up with Mr Blobby making his first journey on a Virgin Train in 1997. This is where Branson makes his appearance, announcing on the tannoy that the passengers are on a non-stop, final journey from 1997 to 2019.

This is where Branson thanks people for using Virgin Trains before carrying a boombox on his shoulder and transforming the entire train into a music video. This genius advert, takes viewers on a journey through the last 22 years, including 90s fashion, large mobile phones right through to the tech we see today. Some other famous faces include Shaun Williamson, Chris Kamare and Anna Phylactic.

The advert is a clever yet unique approach to saying goodbye following the announcement in April that Virgin Trains would no longer operate its franchise from London Euston to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and Edinburgh.

The bid from Virgin Trains was deemed as non-compliant by the Department for Transport because of pension provisions.

This final goodbye campaign as it is called comes at a sad time for the company. However, their aim is to leave in the same way as they came in which is by having fun and there is no doubt that this advert does that brilliantly.

With over two decades of operating, Virgin Trains is proud of how it has delivered its services and felt the need to leave its one final mark for all of those who travelled with the operator through the years.


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